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What is CLASP?
CLASP stands for closed loop analog signal processor. It takes your Pro Tools into another dimension of analog fidelity. Basically makes your Pro Tools can sound like a real analog tape deck and does it so elegantly that the tape becomes almost invisible to the workflow. You maintain Pro Tools editing and speed and gain incredible analog sound.
Does Which versions of Pro Tools does CLASP work with?
Yes. Versions 7 through 10 Native, LE, HD or HD Native. We are working on a version for 11 to be released in sometime in the future.
What other recording software does CLASP work with?
CLASP is also available for Mac and PC on the following software applications: Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Audio 9 (coming soon).
How do I know CLASP will work with my tape machine?
CLASP will work with virtually any professional analog multi-track tape machine that has a remote connection on the back panel. We support models from Studer, MCI, Otari, 3M, Ampex, Tascam, Sony and even the machines used by The Beatles. Click here for a list of CLASP READY tape machines.
Do I have to have a MIDI interface to use CLASP?
Yes, You must have at least one dedicated MIDI input and output port available on your DAW to use CLASP. We recommend the M Audio MIDI Sport 4×4 and the M Audio MIDI Sport 2×2 and will ship tested interfaces with each system upon request.
Does CLASP have A/D or D/A converters?
NO. CLASP uses YOUR existing converters and connects via standard D-Sub 25 connections. (Tascam D Sub Pinout)
When I purchase CLASP, what comes with it?
When you purchase CLASP, you are buying a system that includes a 2 U CLASP 24 hardware unit, software, a custom CLASP tape machine control cable (certain cables are special order) and manual. You can order the specialized tape machine control cables to talk to your machine from us. Some tape machines require our Optical Sensor accessory add on to enable the ‘return to zero’ function. Audio cabling to CLASP to your patch bay, tape machine, and console are not provided.
Is CLASP easy to setup?
Yes, Very easy. It’s Plug & Play with your DAW, patch bay and tape machine. Installation can take as little as an hour.
What’s it like working with CLASP in an overdub recording situation?
When using CLASP during an overdub recording session you will experience the same speed and efficiency non-destructive overdubbing punch-ins you are used to having with your DAW but real analog tape, zero monitoring latency and precision sample accurate timing.
Besides tracking and overdubs, let’s say I’m mixing a project that was not recorded with tape but I want the tape sound, can I use CLASP as an insert on individual channels when I’m mixing?
Yes, The CLASP harware and plug-in’s will compensate for any latency.
How Do I purchase a CLASP system for my studio?
Contact one of our many distributors or purchase direct from our online webstore.
How many inputs do I need to connect CLASP?
You need as few or as many as you want, up to 24 in and out in a single CLASP unit. Multiple CLASP units can be daisy chained together for up to 72 tracks of simultaneous analog recording. You will need the same number of converter channels as the number of simultaneous tracks you want to record. 24 tracks = 24 A/D converters to connect from your 2″ tape machine into your DAW, and 24 Analog outputs for latency-free monitoring. (see diagram and tutorial videos) If you do not have a console, you can use a 32 input/output Pro Tools rig in a 16 CLASP input and 16 monitor return configuration. Call technical support for more information.
Is there any latency when recording or monitoring with CLASP?
NO. CLASP provides you with zero latency analog monitoring.
Is there any playback latency?
No. There is no playback latency.
What if I have a digital console? Will it work with CLASP?
Yes, CLASP works with your digital console too and can automatically correct any latency generated by your digital console in the recording signal path.
What if I have an 8-track or 16-track or even a 2-track machine? Will CLASP work with these as well?
Yes, CLASP works with anything from a 1 track mono head stack machine to a 24 track. We also offer an 8 channel CLASP model and 16 channel CLASP model.

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