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Software and hardware upgrades are available here.

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Creating amazing reel analog tracks with your CLASP just got even better. This version 3.5 hardware and software upgrade ships with all latest CLASP systems and is available here as an hardware upgrade for early CLASP 24 channel systems with serial numbers EAC240001 - EAC240220 (check the serial number on the back of your CLASP 24 unit). With a rugged new hardware panel interface, the new CLASP 3.5 hardware & software is completely re-designed with improved functionality and broad compatibility that extends from Pro Tools 7.3 up to the most recent Pro Tools 10 HDX, Pro Tools Native, Pro Tools Native HD and coming soon all versions of Cubase and Nuendo.* The upgrade hardware EPROMS and software can be installed by anyone with a steady hand and experience or send your CLASP to our factory for a free installation (shipping not included). Contact support@endlessanaog.com for shipping instructions if you prefer factory EPROM installation. The CLASP 3.5 software contains several improvements. Here are a few:


    • All 24 tracks visible on GUI
    • Machine Matrix ready
    • Number of plugins condenced down to 2
    • Quick switching between tape machines with one mouse click
    • Keyboard lock RTAS issue resolved
    • Plugin efficiency improved
    • Selectable input monitor mode from plugin
    • Selectable repro monitor mode from plugin
    • Direct digital record mode on machine sync plugin
    • Post roll handling improved
    • Automatic hardware bypass when plugin not present
    • Latency management increased to 18,500 samples


    • CLASP 3.5 Hardware EPROM Upgrades
    • CLASP 3.5 Software Plugins(RTAS)
    • Free hardware upgrade from EA Factory optional (shipping of CLASP not included)
    • Optional EPROM self install tool



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