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BUTCH WALKER returns to tape with CLASP

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 9:48 am

Los Angeles, CA (October 18, 2010)–Songwriter, musician, producer and engineer Butch Walker recently purchased Endless Analog’s CLASP system for his new Santa Monica studio.

“I grew up cutting tape and I missed the sound and art form of it,” stated Georgia-born Walker. “Being the proud owner of Studer A800 MK III, I sadly had it in storage for 10 years because it just slowed down my workflow, so I gave it up to just go digital. But still to this day, nothing’s ever emulated tape the right way, so I was extremely happy when I finally heard CLASP [Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor].”

Walker’s first demo of CLASP was at the studio of his friend and noted producer John Fields. “I went over to John’s studio and he demo’d it for me,” Walker commented. “I really like being able to have everything hit tape first, not only because of the audio quality, but it’s no fun having to record everything onto tape and then dump it at a different time; it takes up the whole day. And so with CLASP, I liked the idea of it constantly dumping on to Pro Tools without having sync issues. I was also able to hear the actual audio again for the first time in years coming off of tape, and that’s enough to sell you!”

Walker will be using CLASP with his new 24-channel custom-made Tonelux Designs, Ltd. recording console and his selection of vintage analog tape recorders, which also include an Otari MTR-90III and an ATR-102.

Walker has penned numerous hits for artists like Avril Lavigne, Sevendust and Fall Out Boy. As a producer/engineer, he is credited with works by Katy Perry, Pink and Weezer, as well as being Rolling Stone‘s 2005 producer of the year. And as a musician/artist, he has received critical acclaim for his work with Marvelous 3, his DVD Live at Budokan, his studio record The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker and The Lets-Go-Out Tonights and Sycamore Meadows.



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