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Tom “T-Bone” Edmonds

Saturday, December 26th, 2009 7:27 pm

Tom Edmonds

– Tom “T-Bone” Edmonds uses CLASP to record Lenny Kravitz new upcoming album release —

Lenny Kravitz, Todd Rundgren, The Isley Brothers, Meat Loaf, Patti Smith, Rick Derringer, Baha Men

Eleuthera Island – Veteran recording engineer Tom “T-Bone” Edmonds uses CLASP to record Lenny Kravitz new upcoming album release. Of Endless Analog’s CLASP he says:

"To be clear, I am an analog guy….and Lenny is definitely. But we use Pro Tools because we have to have it. I was ecstatic when I saw CLASP! It marries the two things we love. Analog recording and the speed of Pro Tools. And with CLASP there is no reason to not use tape. The warmth is back!”
Lenny Kravitz new private recording studio on Eleuthera Island, Gregory Town Sound, is a literal vintage analog studio paradise. The new studio uses CLASP with multiple analog recorders in conjunction with Pro Tools 8.
"I was amazed how fast the system works and how minimal the learning curve was,” he admits. “Chris Estes, the inventor of CLASP, explained the system and immediately we were able to start recording new songs. CLASP also gave us the ability to switch between tape machines and tape speeds for different sounds. It’s amazing!”
T-Bone says they love the warm sound analog provides and as digital recording came on strong they found themselves impressed with the convenience of Pro Tools but never felt the sound was as good as what they could get with analog tape. Moving from one tape machine to the other, while recording, is yet another benefit to the CLASP technology.
" Gregorytown Sound is home to multiple tape machines, including the original Studer J-37 used by The Beatles to record Sgt. Pepper, so this is of particular benefit to Lenny’s recording process. CLASP is great!”
With the use of CLASP, analog tape recording is no longer a thing of the past. CLASP integrates easily and efficiently into any studio’s workflow, allowing users to achieve the warm and expressive sound of real analog tape while recording and editing with the speed of a DAW.

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