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W. Michael Porter

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009 3:23 pm

Owner, Convergent Computer Services Former Product Manager, Quantegy Recording Solutions Mike Porter Former Chief Engineer, Woodland Studios and Sound Stage Studios, Nashville “Chris first approached me about this project 3 years ago while I was Product Manager for Quantegy Recording Solutions. While we were not in a position to offer development and manufacturing we did encourage Chris to go forward with the project. Chris and I have talked several times during the development about various ideas for implementation. I was delighted that he invited me to be among the first to see the completed project. Briefly, he has developed a seamless bridge between a digital audio workstation and an analog tape machine. I must say, it’s a very elegant solution. I’m duly impressed. Impressed with the scope and operation of CLASP, but even more impressed with Chris’ abilities. When he couldn’t find a developer for the project, he did it himself. He learned on his own, programming, power supply theory and construction, circuit board layout and interface design. The outcome is a product that you would think came from a major audio manufacturer. In all, he has put together a great product and it should breathe new life into the old analog tape machines that are sitting in the closet. Get a demo of CLASP and see how it can capture analog tape sound into your digital audio workstation without sacrificing any speed.” — Mike Porter

Endless Analog - Digital Controlled Analog Tape Recording